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The San Jose Mercury News

Editorial: In historic Contra Costa race, elect Connelly elections chief

"... at a time when false claims about widespread voter fraud have led to partisan challenges of our election system and threats to officials, it’s more critical than ever that voters pick someone who can bridge political divides and provide the necessary managerial oversight.

The standout candidate who best meets those criteria is Kristin Braun Connelly, who has had her eye on the office for years and has built a strong campaign of bipartisan support."

The East Bay Times

Connelly Best Choice for Clerk

Unlike her opponent for Contra Costa clerk-recorder, Kristen Connelly has experience running large agencies, understands budgets and will do the actual job. She is currently the president/CEO of the East Bay Leadership Council, and the executive director of the Contra Costa Economic Partnership.

Kristen’s interest in elections goes to the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision. Learning as much as she could about election administration and law, Kristin put her interest into action, organizing law students to volunteer as nonpartisan poll monitors. Later she trained lawyers to handle Election Day calls from voters with questions or problems.

Misinformation about voting and elections is a threat to our democracy and has compelled Kristin to run for the registrar position. Kristen believes that transparency in the voting process is critically important to maintaining confidence in the integrity of our elections.

Kristen Connolly is the best choice for Contra Costa County clerk-recorder.

Sandra Hall

The San Jose Mercury News

Editorial: Bay Area election-chief candidate caught taking opponent’s campaign sign. Inexcusable.

Vicki Gordon, one of four running for Contra Costa clerk-recorder, apologized but her explanation doesn’t make sense

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THE San Jose Mercury News

Editorial: Contra Costa County elections-chief candidate should drop out after sign debacle

"Vicki Gordon, caught taking opponent’s placard, should abandon campaign for Contra Costa clerk-recorder..."