Kristin on the Issues


Transparency about the elections process and battling misinformation about voting will be critically important to maintaining confidence in our elections. Misinformation to suppress the vote is a threat to your right to cast a free vote in a fair election.


Maintain a paper trail of every ballot cast to ensure ballots are accurately cast and counted.


Registering to vote is the foundation of our civic duty and should be readily available.


All registered voters will now receive a mail ballot in every election.  However, if every election is going to be accessible to all voters, we must both continue efforts to expand registration efforts, as well as providing access to early voting locations and poll locations on Election Day. 

Prioritize voter communication

To ensure voters can participate in elections, it is important to communicate with them all the ways they can cast a ballot. I will prioritize this voter communication.

Securing Important Documents

The Clerk-Recorder portion of this job touches on many key milestones in life, including marriage, birth, death, and property transfers. Maintaining the integrity of these important documents  and securing the information contained in them will continue to be a priority.

Prioritizing Technological Integration

You should not be required to take time off work to come to Martinez to file or retrieve documents. It’s exciting to see the office working with city clerks to roll out new technology to make this process easier. Having a commitment to maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction with all levels of the office is a top priority. Continuing to consider ways for technology to be safely utilized to make this process easier will be a priority.

Ensuring Continuity of Service

Contra Costa residents must be able to rely upon this office in the event of a natural disaster. Ensuring continuity of service in light of potential disasters is critically important.

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Closeup of a Vote by Mail envelope, official balloting material - business reply mail, USPS first class mail.
Multi-ethnic group of people at polling station on election day, focus on smiling senior woman with I VOTED sticker looking at camera, copy space
Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary
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